Fall 2010
Masaryk University, Brno :

Macroeconomic Forecasting

Lecture 1:
The Quarterly Projection Model Download PDF file
Lecture 2:
Getting in touch with the Quarterly Projection Model
  Fall 2005
Teaching assistant for:

Money and Finance 1

Exercise session 1:
Uhlig's toolkit - A Tool for simulations (Handout )
Exercise session 2:
Derivation of money in utility model, exercises from C. Walsh book
(Handout )
Homework 2:
Problem set 2Download PDF file
Derivation of equations for MIU model simulation (Handout)
  Summer 2005
Teaching assistant for:

Macroeconomics III

Homework 1:
Hints for homework 1 (by L. Cretegny and T. Rutherford)
Hints for task 1 (by Ch. I. Jones)
Homework 2:
Problem set 2 Download PDF file
Hints for Hw 2Download PDF file
Homework 3:
Problem set 3
Sketch of solution to HW3 Download PDF file
Homework 4:
Problem set 4
Sketch of solution to HW4(by Peter Harasimovic)
Homework 5:
Problem set 5 Download PDF file
Sketch of solution to Exercise 5.3 in Barro and Sala-i-Martin (by Peter Harasimovic)
Sketch of solution to HW5 Download PDF file
Final Exam:
Problem set Download PDF file
Sketch of solution to final exam Download PDF file
  Spring 2005
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Advanced macroeconomics II

Homework 2:
Solution to part 2 Download PDF file
Homework 5:
Matlab code
Model solution Download PDF file
  Fall 2004
Teaching assistant for :

International macroeconomics I

Questions and Answers:
Monetary History Download PDF file
  Summer 2004
Teaching assistant for :

Preparatory macroeconomics

    Professor: Jose Noguera  
Sample Questionnaires:
Questionnaire 1 Download PDF file
Questionnaire 2 Download PDF file