Useful links



  The research institution, where my office was. The Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education of Charles University
  A place of my research mobility Department of Economics at J.W. Goethe university
  Web sites of Mathematics for Finance and Economics programme at Comenius Univesity Štúdijný program Ekonomická a financná matematika

Online libraries:

  The CERGE-EI library search engine Olib at CERGE
  The database of useful journals JSTOR journal database
  Web sites of European Central Bank for students European Central Bank


  Book by Obstfeld and Rogoff, some codes and errata Obstfeld, M., and K. Rogoff (1996), Foundations of International Macroeconomics, MIT Press


  Workshop in macroeconomic theory held in Prague and Budapest The Prague-Budapest Spring Workshop in Macroeconomic Theory

Personal links:

  Web pages related to my university studies 6mef homepage
alternative 6mef homepage


  Monetary economics, open economy at Princeton University Lars E.O. Svensson
  Monetary transmission and some Matlab codes at Economics at Boston College Peter N. Ireland


research network for DSGE modeling, monetary and fiscal policy
Homepage of the Dynamic stochastic general equilibrium network
  Support for Michel Juillard's software for DSGE computation Dynare mailing list

Online Data Resources

  ARAD: Database collected by Czech National Bank ARAD