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  1. Empirical Essays on Crises, Reforms and Growth (2013, PhD Thesis Defended at CERGE-EI in Feb. 2014)
  2. Firm Size, Market Liberalization and Growth (CERGE-EI Working Paper No. 485, 2013)
  3. Banking Crises and Reversals in Financial Reforms (CERGE-EI Working Paper No. 474, 2012)
  4. Cross-Country Differences in Credit Market Liberalization Reform Outcomes (EERC Working Paper No. 12/04E, 2012)
  5. Deregulation, Economic Growth and Growth Acceleration (CERGE-EI Working Paper No. 424, 2010)
  6. Origin and Development of the New Private Property in the Central and Eastern Europe after 1989 (2009, the defended version of my Bulgarian dissertation, in Bulgarian)
  7. Origin and Development of the New Private Property in the Central and Eastern Europe after 1989 (2009, an 'autoreferat' of my Bulgarian dissertation project, in Bulgarian)
  8. Deregulation and Growth: Did Reformers Underperform? (2009)
  9. Institutional impacts on EU accession in Central and Eastern Europe (2006, a position paper)
  10. Institutional factors for economic development and EU accession (2005, an earlier version of the above paper, in Bulgarian)
  11. Instititional framework and competitiveness of CEE economies (2005, in Bulgarian)
  12. Applying the EU enterprise policy principles for fostering the Bulgarian industry competitiveness (2005, in Bulgarian)
  13. Case studies as methodological instruments in teaching economics (2004, in Bulgarian)
  14. Enterprise policy in Bulgaria and in EU (2004, in Bulgarian, abstract in English)
  15. The logic of economic transition in Central and Eastern Europe after 1989 (2004, in Bulgarian)
  16. Bulgartabak - a strategic tango for the government (a newspaper publication, 2004)
  17. Which market economy model is most appropriate for Bulgaria? (2001, in Bulgarian, abstract in English)
  18. Conditions and factors for successful completion of the economic transition in Bulgaria (my BA in Economics diploma work, 2002, in Bulgarian)

Also, you may be curious about the outcomes from the research projects I have successfully managed while working for the Center for Economic Development in Sofia, Bulgaria. Thanks to our talented research team at the CED, the two most valuable reports for me are:
  1. Annual Innovation Policy Trends and Appraisal Report, Bulgaria 2004-2005
  2. Bulgaria Enterprise Policy Performance Assessment 2004