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About me

Last update on 10/11/17

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My research revolves around innovation, globalization and development. I am interested in measurement of innovation, heterogeneity of innovation behaviour, geography of innovation and interlinks between innovation, institutions and economic development. If one really needs to squeeze it into a field box, my research fits best in economics of innovation, crossed with international, institutional and development economics, mingled with economic geography and spiced by a pinch of strategic management. Indeed, it is a colourful mixture, but this is what it takes.


I clinched Ph.D. degrees in Economics (2003) from the University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic and in Science, technology and innovation studies (2005) from the University of Oslo, Norway. From 2002 until 2010 I survived eight long Norwegian winters doing research at the TIK Centre, University of Oslo. Since 2010 I am back home at CERGE‑EI in Prague. Since 2011 to 2017 I also held the chair of Associate Professor in CIRCLE, Lund University. Check me out at RePEc, EconPapers, ORCID, ResearcherID, Scopus Author ID, Publons, ResearchGate and Google scholar!


In less academic part of my professional life, I currently provide consultancy services to the European Commission as the Research and Innovation Observatory (formerly known as ERAWATCH) correspondent for the Czech Republic and advice the Czech government as a member of the Commission for Evaluation of Results of Research Organizations and Programmes at the Council for Research, Development and Innovation. In the recent past, I was a member of the Evaluation panel on Business, Management, Administration and Finance of the Czech Science Foundation and the Evaluation panel of the OMEGA programme of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic. I also did consultancy work for flagship publications by UNIDO, UNCTAD and UNECE. Read my blog about innovation policy and related topics (only in Czech).




Selected publications


Grillitsch, M., Martin, R. and Srholec, M. (2017) Knowledge base combinations and innovation performance in Swedish regions. Economic Geography, 93, 458-479. (download)


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