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I have a WoS H index 11, Google Scholar H index 22, and rank in the top 10% in the EU (or Europe) in RePec. My work on social linkages and Holocaust survival was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal. The ongoing project on McWages with O. Ashenfelter was cited in The Economist and The New York Times. My 1990s research on Unemployment Insurance was featured in the Wall Street Journal, on Politico.com, in a NYTimes blog , and on Bloomberg.


Intergenerational Transmission of Political Values

What’s in a Name in a War  (with Dejan Kovac)   Journal of Population Economics, lead paper in issue 1/2021

Forced Migration, Staying Minorities, and New Societies: Evidence from Post-war Czechoslovakia  (with Jakub Grossmann and Felix Roesel) American Journal of Political Science 68 (2): 751-766, 2024


Social Linkages and Survival of the Holocaust

Preexisting social ties among Auschwitz prisoners support Holocaust survival (with T.Jelínek and M. Bělín) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) Vol. 120 No. 29. Kudos summary.

Social Networks and Surviving the Holocaust (with Matej Belin and Tomas Jelinek)

Statistical Analyses of Theresienstadt Prisoners  (with Tomas Jelinek)  SHOAH: INTERVENTION. METHODS. DOCUMENTATION Vol. 8, 2021, No.2



Wages, Minimum Wages, and Price Pass-through: The Case of McDonald's Restaurants (with O. Ashenfelter) Journal of Labor Economics vol. 40, S1, 2022

Cross-country Comparisons of Wage Rates: The McWage Index (with O. Ashenfelter) Currently collecting more data across over 80 countries as well as within the US.


Divorce Legislation

Who Divorces Whom: Unilateral Divorce Legislation and the Educational Structure of Marriage (with  Geghetsik Afunts ) accepted in Demography


Econometrics of Matching Markets

LATE Estimators under Costly Non-compliance in Student-College Matching Markets (with M. Drlje) ?


Gender Gaps

Gender Gap in Performance under Competitive Pressure (with Daniel Münich) (short version here) in the American Economic Review: P&P 2011

Gender Composition of Tertiary Education and Early Fertility (with Alena Bičáková)  Review of Economics of the Household, 2017

Field of Study Homogamy (with Alena Bičáková) under review

Gender in Banking and Mortgage Behavior (with Radek Janhuba) Applied Economics Letters, in press


Gender Wage Gaps

Czech Female Managers and their Wages (with T. Paligorova)  Labour Economics 2009

When Do ‘Female’ Occupations Pay More?  (with H. Harmgart) Journal of Comparative Economics, 2007

Gender Segregation and Wage Gap: An East-West Comparison in Journal of the European Economic Association, Papers and Proceedings, 2005

Gender Wage Gap and Segregation in Enterprises and the Public Sector in Late Transition Countries in Journal of Comparative Economics, 2003


Order Effects

Admission to Selective Schools, Alphabetically (with Daniel Münich) in the Economics of Education Review 2010

Alphabetical Order Effects in School Admissions (with Daniel Münich) in Research Papers in Education 2016

Candidate Ballot Information and Election Outcomes: The Czech Case (with Daniel Münich) in Post-Soviet Affairs 2016


Human Capital Spillovers in Transition

Are There Increasing Returns to Local Concentration of Skills? Evidence from Transition, Nov 2010
Regional Unemployment and Human Capital in Transition Economies (with Katherine Terrell) Economics of Transition 2009.


Transition Job Reallocation

Job Growth in Early Transition: Comparing Two Paths (with Katherine Terrell) Economics of Transition, 2003
Job Reallocation in Two Cases of Massive Adjustment in Eastern Europe (with Katherine Terrell) World Development, 2008
Foreign Ownership and Corporate Performance: The Czech Republic at EU Entry (with Juraj Stancik) in the Czech Journal of Economics and Finance  2012

Finance and Growth

Financial Development and Corporate Growth in the EU Single Market  (with J. Bena) in Economica 2011

Which Firms Benefit More from Financial Development? (with J. Bena) 2007


Czech Labor Market and Education

Czech Kurzarbeit: First Evidence from the First Pandemic Wave   with Pavla Doleželová, ? 2021

Education and Wages in the Czech and Slovak Republics During Transition (with Randall Filer and Ján Plánovský) Labour Economics, 6 (4), 581‑593, 1999
Czech Returns to Schooling: Does the Short Supply of College Education Bite? Czech Journal of Economics and Finance (Finance a úvěr), 55 (1-2), 83-95, 2005
Understanding Long-Term Unemployment in the Czech Republic (with D. Münich) Czech Journal of Economics and Finance (Finance a úvěr), 53 (1), 11-30, 2003
Occupational Gender Segregation in the Czech Republic (with Michal Franta) Czech Journal of Economics and Finance (Finance a úvěr), 57 (5-6), 255-271, 2007
How to Overhaul the Labor Market: Political Economy of Recent Czech and Slovak Reforms: World Bank Working Paper No. 31433, 2004. Text
Trade Union Coverage and Descriptive Wage Gap in the Czech Republic: Presentation


US Unemployment Insurance 

Estimating the Effect of Unemployment Insurance Compensation on the Labor Market Histories of Displaced Workers Journal of Econometrics, 2002

Recalls and Unemployment Insurance Taxes  Applied Economics Letters, 2004

Unemployment Spells and the Extended Unemployment Benefits in Local Labor Markets (with Frederick Tannery) Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 2003 This paper was used to argue that extending unemployment insurance benefits in the US in 2010 is not desirable. Specifically, it was featured in the Wall Street Journal , on Politico.com, in a NYTimes blog , on Bloomberg, and used by a US senator in the Congress. (It even made it into a Swiss newspaper in 2011.) As we say in the concluding section of the paper, to make strong conclusions about the UI extension effects, one needs to study the effect on accepted wages as well, while the paper only looks at unemployment duration. We do not think our results are affected by a coding error despite the footnote in Card et al. (2007).








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