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Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Economics Institute (EI)
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111 21 Prague, Czech Republic

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I am a professor of experimental and behavioural economics at the Australian Business School at UNSW, Sydney, Australia; you can find my UNSW website here; until summe 2009 I was professor and senior researcher at CERGE-EI, a joint workplace of Charles University and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Prague). I remain affiliated with the Economics Institute of the Academy of Sciences as a visiting senior researcher.

In a first-ever ranking of Czech economics departments and economists working in the Czech Republic, CERGE-EI emerged the winner in all categories. The rankings are based on IF-weighted publication and citation records in SSCI and EconLit 1994-2003. See Czech Journal of Economics and Finance 99, 11/12/2005. Another recent ranking of economists working in the Czech Republic is here.

Just in case you wonder what I do: I write articles for a living. I also teach courses on a variety of topics.

Since I'm travelling quite a bit, your best bet is to contact me through the e-mail adresses shown above.

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Experiments in Teaching and in Understanding Economics (Ortmann & Colander 1995)
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