Dmytro Vikhrov, Ph.D.

Current Employer: Moody's Analytics, Prague

  1. Stata Tip: Generation of String Matrices using Local Macros. Mimeo (download here).
    Do file for the paper is here.

  2. Immigration Policy Index. The Economics of Transition 25(1) (download here).

  3. Earlier versions:

  4. Commuting Patterns of Czech Households Exposed to Flood Risk from the Becva River. Environmental Hazards, 2014, 13(1), pp 58-72. (download here).

  5. Earlier version:

  6. Welfare Effects of Labor Migration. CERGE-EI Working Paper # 491 (download here).

  7. Migration from Ukraine: Brawn or Brain? New Survey Evidence. IZA Discussion Paper # 7348 (download here).