Welcome to Ondrej's home page at CERGE-EI

I am a Research Associate at the Max Planck Institute of Economics, Strategic Interaction Group, Jena, Germany
and a Junior Researcher at the Economics Institute, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.
  • Curriculum Vitae with contact details


  • Loss Avoidance as Selection Principle: Evidence from Simple Stag-Hunt Games
    (with Andreas Ortmann), Economics Letters, Volume 88, Issue 1, July 2005, Pages 101-107.
    [CERGE-EI Working Paper 245, 12/2004]
  • How Financial Incentives and Cognitive Abilities Affect Task Performance in Laboratory Settings: an Illustration
    (with Andreas Ortmann), Economics Letters, Volume 85, Issue 3 , December 2004, Pages 315-320.
    [CERGE-EI Working Paper 221, 02/2004]


  • Valuing a Risky Prospect Less than Its Worst Outcome: Uncertainty Effect or Task Ambiguity
    (with Andreas Ortmann, Alexandra Prokosheva and Ralph Hertwig)
    Jena Economic Research Paper 2007-038 and CERGE-EI Working Paper 334, 07/2007
  • Financial Incentives and Cognitive Abilities: Evidence from a Forecasting Task with Varying Cognitive Load
    Jena Economic Research Paper 2007-040 and CERGE-EI Discussion Paper 173, 01/2007
  • The Interaction between Financial Incentives and Task-specific Cognitive Capital: More Evidence in Support of Camerer and Hogarth (1999)
    Jena Economic Research Paper 2007-039 and CERGE-EI Working Paper 264, 05/2005 (previous version).
  • The Impact of Financial Incentives on Task Performance: The Role of Cognitive Abilities & Intrinsic Motivation
    CERGE-EI Discussion Paper 112, 12/2003.


  • “Health Care” in Dusek, L., and S. Jurajda, Eds., Czech Republic 2003/2004: Entering the EU, CERGE, Charles University, Economics Institute, ASCR, Prague, 2004. [See preview]
  • “Providing Health Services” (contributor) in Hanousek, J., Kocenda, E., and L. Lizal, Eds., Tale of The Czech Transition: Understanding The Challenges Ahead, MatfyzPress, Prague, 2004. [See preview]
  • Book review of Colin F. Camerer (2003), Behavioral Game Theory. Experiments in Strategic Interaction. (with Andreas Ortmann), Journal of Economic Psychology, Volume 25, Issue 5 , October 2004, Pages 671-674.
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