The links below bring you to sites I have found useful and/or interesting; they are listed in approximate alphabetical order.

Annals of Improbable Research site
Post-modern text generator
Post-modern text generator creates text that is grammatically correct but not meaningful.
Example:"Class is part of the collapse of culture," says Foucault. Thus, Derrida uses the term 'dialectic premodern theory' to denote the paradigm, and subsequent meaninglessness, of textual art. Debord's model of postsemioticist discourse holds that consciousness serves to reinforce capitalism.
The LaughLab site
The smoking gun site
You always wanted to know why Courtney Love did not have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation? And you always wanted to know what the Dec 12, 2001 shoplifting charges were against Winona Ryder? Well, here you go. Lots of good stuff. Reality writes the best satire. Confidential to Winona: Be my prisoner, please.
Cafes and coffee houses in Prague
Cafes and coffee houses in Trento
Ariel Rubinstein's Worldwide Guide for Coffee Places where you can not only work but also think!
Czech Republic links
Maine Philanthropy Center
The Maine Philanthropic Center's home page. Well done by that curmudgeon John Hardie.
Numerous useful links (grant writing tips etc.).
Rules of Behavior ("Netiquette")
Donald St. John's HTML for beginners and other good stuff
More tips on website building ...
HTML: Colorindex
HTML: Overview of all tags
HTML: Compact Index of all tags
The Java home page
Travel tips from your friends at the State Department
National Infrastructure Protection Center
Contains Episode Lists for over 1800 TV shows. Each list contains titles and airdates. For over 500 shows there is a more detailed episode guide containing guest stars and plot summaries.
Internet Movie Database
Official Yogi Berra Web Site
WebCam Central
Network solutions: Web registration and more ...

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Last updated: February 27, 2008