The links below bring you to sites I have found useful and/or interesting; they are listed in approximate alphabetical order.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Business Cycle Indicators
Census Bureau
Chicago Board of Trade
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Chicago Board Options Exchange
Chronicle of Higher Education
Complexity (the journal)
The EdInvest site map
EdInvest is a service of the World Bank Group and the private sector to increase private investment in education in developing countries.
Fair Model
Federal Budget
Federal Reserve
Ed Hall's home page
If you're nervous about the level of debt piled up by the US gov't don't go to this site
US debt data
If you're nervous about the level of debt piled up by the US gov't don't go to this site.
Bill Goffe's Resources for Economists
Interactive Prisoner's Dilemma Game
Peter Wakker's annotated references on decisions and uncertainty.
Mike Shor's game theory resources for educators and students: lecture notes, text books, interactive game theory applets, online games
Didactic Web-Based Experiments in game theory (Rubinstein)
The J Store home page
Resource Center for Derivatives
Good resource center for all things option-related
REENIC: Russian and East European Network Information Center
Great site for betas, pes, etc.
Excellent business and technology portal for e-business, information, technology, and knowledge management
Simple Heuristics that Make Us Smart
Book description, table of contents, links to Amazon & Barnes & Noble
London International Financial Futures Exchange
Science News - the magazine
Decision Science News
Dan Goldstein's latest venture
Abstract of "Simple Routes to Better Thinking" cover story (Science News July 1996)
Abstract of "Two Faces of Deceptive Research" cover story (Science News June 1998)
Abstract of "Simple Minds, Smart Choices" story (Science News May 1999)
Kim Sosin's economics resources for college and university teaching
Kim Sosin's economics resources for K - 12 teachers
Excellent "How to Read the Form 990 & Find Outwhat it Means" by Peter Swords
More on Form 990
A Plain English Guide to Antitrust Laws
Website with links to other websites and psychology experiments in which you can participate (as unpaid subject)
The Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation homepage

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Last updated: September 10, 2002