The links below bring you to sites I have found useful and/or interesting; they are listed in approximate alphabetical order.

Jim Andreoni's home page
Ted Bergstrom's home page
John Duffy's home page
Economics of Networks
Interesting site on the economics of networks and related issues
Economic Principals
David Warsh's site
Ronald G. Ehrenberg's home page
Ernst Fehr's home page
Daniel Friedman's home page
Glenn Harrison's home page
John Hey's home page
Teck-Hua Ho's home page
Charles Holt's home page
John Miller's home page
Very interesting site by Michal Baye, John Morgan and Patrick Sholten that debunks the myth that on the Internet only low-price firms survive. Lots of good information on the industrial organization of the new economy.
Martin J. Osborne's home page
Tom Palfrey's home page
David Reiley
Al Roth's home page
Game theorist and experimental economist extraordinaire; site contains zillions of useful links and materials.
Ariel Rubinstein's home page
Tim Salmon's home page
Larry Samuelson's home page
Karl Schlag's home page
Dale Stahl's home page
Bill Starbuck's journal impact ratings
Leigh Tesfatsion's home page
William Trochim's Research Methods Knowledge Base
Contains an excellent introduction to the idea of statistical power and also a link to the even more excellent 'OJ' Page which illustrates by the way of the OJ Simpson trial significance level, statistical power, and errors type I and II.
John Van Huyck's home page
Joel Watson's home page

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Last updated: October 15, 2002