Requirements (for 8 subjects):

8 copies of instructions and record sheets (with attached cover sheets)
8 envelopes
8 pieces of paper lettered A through H. Put in the envelopes.
8 identification tables. Put into the envelopes with the appropriate identification letters.
8 (or so) decision sheets for each subject (-> 64 decision sheets). Decision sheets are small pieces of paper with
option 1 and option 2 written on one side so that the subjects can check off their choice. Write the identification letters
on them and put the sheets into the envelopes.
1 box with slot at the top for envelopes and decision sheets
8 sheets of paper (comment sheets)
8 pens in case subjects do not bring any
Draw the first of the three payoff schedules (see last page) on the board.
Determine the initial endowment.


[As subjects come in, have them sit at the provided tables (or in chairs with tables) that are far enough apart so that
nobody will be able to see what somebody else writes. Wait until everybody has arrived and introduce yourself].

Thanks for coming. My name is ___. This is my research assistant. His/her name is ___. On the table in front of you, you
will find a copy of the instructions for this experiment. Please follow along step by step as I read them to you.
Do not jump ahead.


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