Stock Market Data in Transition Countries




Very basic information can be obtained at Tirana Stock exchange


Data provided by Armenian Stock Exchange Stock prices and volumes available since October 2001. Brief description of companies, rules etc. available as well. Armenian, English and Russian.


Data provided by the Baku Stock Exchange Some T-bill prices and company shares prices data. Rules, information on privatization etc. available.



Bosnia and Herzegovina



Full set of data is provided by Sofia Stock Exchange ( in electronic and hard copy format. All frequencies (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) and full coverage of individual stocks and indices provided. Service is by subscription only, although some restricted files are available for direct download from the Internet site. Monthly analysis bulletin also available.


Data provided by Zagreb Stock Exchange - daily, monthly, yearly traded stock prices, volumes, market indices. Downlodable in pdf format from the web site in English and Croatian. Quarterly and yearly data since 1Q1997, monthly data since January 2000, daily reports only the most recent week. Data on official CROBEX index from September 1997, including description, composition, and calculation methodology. Real-time data feed available.

Czech Republic

Data provided by Prague Stock Exchange (, including daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly trading statistics, market and sector indices, and fact books. Downloadable in pdf and dbf formats. Data coverage starts from 1994. Detailed description of each variable as well as calculation methodology and index composition provided. English and Czech.


Data provided by Tallin Stock Exchange ( Complete coverage of all the trading statistics with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly frequencies. Market indices. To be viewed online with different formating possibilities (html, text). English and Estonian. Data since January 1996. Part of Baltic Stock Exchange aliance.

FYR Macedonia

Basic data on daily basis and aggregate data on monthly basis are provided by Macedonian Stock Exchange Coverage is poor, content is scarce and non-regular. Annual and monthly reports available for download in pdf format.


Large set of data provided by Georgian Stock exchange . Monthly statistics available since April 2000, daily since 31.8.2000. Info on listed companies available for download.


Stock prices, volumes, index data, charts, and company brief information provided by Budapest Stock Exchange (in English and Hungarian), historical data on individual securities available upon request. Annual, quarterly and monthly statistics for download in pdf format.


Data available from Kazakhstan Stock Exchange Data on stocks, government and corporate bonds available starting from December 1999. Annual reports available since 1998 in pdf and html format. In English and Russian.


Scarce data to be found at Kyrgyz Stock Exchange . Available statistics include monthly data on index and capitalization (2000-2001), turnover and number of shares sold (1995-2000). List of traded securities available. Only Russian.


Riga Stock Exchange ( is a part of Baltic stock exchanges. Historical daily resuls available since 10.7.97 (only) in pdf format. Weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual statistical surveys available since January 2000 in pdf format. Indices data available since 2.4.96 in xls format.


National Stock Exchange of Lithuania ( provides data on all trades (central market, OTC, block trades, privatization) including real time quotes. Regulations, rules and indeces and methodology as well as information on cross-listing (London) is also available. Daily statistics go back to February 1999.


Annual and monthly statistics for the whole market (i.e. shares quantity and volume traded) since 1995 available at Moldova Stock Exchange webpage . Monthly data on individual securities including prices available for downloading, as well as current market capitalization and information on listed companies.


Full data distribution service on all individual securities, market indices, trading activity, etc. are provided by Warsaw Stock Exchange . Historical data distributed by email or on a diskette after payment. All frequencies available. Weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual statistics downloadable from the website. Data on exchange rate futures downloadable as well.


Bucharest Stock Exchange provides instant indeces, online data for listed companies, including news, market regulation, etc. Trading statistics are available, historical daily data since December 2000 downloadable in zipped xls format.


Several trading places, Russian stock exchange, but the links to english version were broken. See also (only in russian). Another place -- Russian trading system ( you can obtain daily results, including historical quotes and statistics. Quotes and daily statistics are better at several brokarege houses example of one of the best and fastes

Serbia and Montenegro,
former FR Yugoslavia

Basic market statistics (total turnover, indices, volume) are provided by Belgrad Stock Exchange Monthly Bulletin is published in English, rest of the publications are in Serbian. No idividual share prices available. No historic records.


Stock market data dissemination is performed by Bratislava Stock Exchange . Historical data on indices are available for free since October 1996, share and bond prices since January 2002. Older or specific information are provided on contractual or one-time sale basis. Annual reports and monthly statistics downloadable in pdf format. Information on issuer (company profile) and on-line quotes are also available.


Ljubljana Stock exchange provides full set of stock market data services (all frequencies and data categories on individual shares and market and sector indices). Historical daily statistics (including indices) available. Monthly reports and monthly aggregate statistics as well as annual statistics reports downloadable in pdf format. Detailed information on indices, links on listed companies etc.


No stock market data available at the moment. Reports on privatization can be found at .




Ukrainian Stock Exchange -- very basic information on listed companies, trading results and aggregate market data and indices available from Web site. For detailed information in hard and electronic format you have to contact the stock exchange directly. See also Ukraine OTC ( More information can be found on Ukraine financial server (no English version)


Republican Stock Exchange Tashkent provides some information at .

Additional data for member countries of Federation of Euro-Asisan Stock Exchanges available at .