Table 1a : Variables - definitions and sources

Variable Operation Description of original variable Source Note
PGG1 Growth of Real per capita GDP chain method (1996 prices) PWT A chain index based on components' growth rates and their current price shares
PGG2 Growth of Real per capita GDP Laspeyres method (1996 prices) PWT A fixed base index where the reference year is 1996
PGG3 Growth of Real per capita GDP (current prices) PWT Based on current price entries; price parities and domestic currency expenditures for consumption, investment and government aggregated.
WGNP GNP growth (annual %) WDI
WGNPC GNP per capita growth (annual %) WDI
WGDP GDP growth (annual %) WDI
FGG Growth of GDP volume (1995=100) IFS
INCOME Income group WB Takes values 1-4
ADHOC Indicator for adjustments of the exchange rate done in the WDI WDI *
N_WDI Growth of Population WDI
N_IFS Growth of Population IFS
WGDPC WGDP adjusted for population growth
FGGPC FGG adjusted for population growth

* World Development Indicators, 2000, Primary data documentation.